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Snow Eagle Bass No. 2609B

This bass is an unusual white version of the 'Black Eagle Bass' which was made by Ibanez in the late 70s. The Black Eagle Bass was endorsed in Ibanez catalogues by Ronald La Pread who played bass for The Commodores, but it is probably best known as the bass played by Nirvana bass player Krist Novoselic. (there are also pictures of Kurt Cobain playing a Black Eagle, but presumably this is Novoselic's bass. Apparently the bass was used on the In Utero album.

The Bass pictured left used to belong to John Berry who has played bass for Slade (since Jim Lea left) having played for Les Gray's Mud prior to Slade, and The Escorts before that. This particular bass was made in 1976 and the only other White Eagle Bass I have seen was also made in this year. I have only seen black versions available with Ibanez branding, so possibly a white finish was only done for Antoria. None of the Ibanez or Antoria catalogues I have seen specify a white finish being available. There are other examples of unusual Antoria variants such as the Memphis which is also in the catalogue below with the Black Eagle. The Memphis has the neck of a Custom Agent and the body of a 2617NT Artist. On the the Ibanez Custom Series catalogue the headstock is free from branding altogether. This can often be seen in Ibanez catalogues from this time period. It's a beautiful bass - the pick-ups are passive, but sound amazing and have a really wide variety of tone options. The only downside is that it weighs a tonne!

Catalogue Specs:
-Attractive shaped mahogany body.
-Hard laminated maple neck with adjustable truss rod.
-Maple Fingerboard with fancy intricate inlays.
-Graceful shaped peghead with "F" hole.
-Pickguard decorated with flying eagle shaped pearl.
-Twin Ibanez Super Bass pickups.
-Full Length: 46"
-Body 20" X 14"
-Scale: 33 1/3"

Black Eagle Bass Catalogues:

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