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Mike Mushock MM1MOL

-Matte Finished mahogany body and thru-neck provide gargantuan tone and sustain.
-28" scale baritone neck offers the ability to achieve all kinds of low tunings.
-Factory Tuning is A-D-A-D-G-B (or A#-F-C#-G#-D#-A# depending on which catalogue you look at!)
-Super 58 pickups custom wound for baritone.
-Tuning machines feature low string posts for higher tension off the nut.
-Thru-body stringing augments the MM1's strong sustain and superior articulation.
-3pc mahogany/bubinga thru-neck
-Mahohany/purple wood body
-jumbo frets
-gibraltar custom bridge
-Super 58 Custom(H) neck pu
-Super 58 Custom(H) bridge pu
-colour: MOL

Sound & Vision

MMM1 With Piano by kaitunes

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