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Made with a solid spruce top, and solid birch back and size the 3129 'Buck Owens American guitar' was sold for $82.95 in the late 60s and early 70s Sears catalog (an extra $9.50 for the case). Red, white and blue "American Guitar"- "Grand Concert" size - stamped H169 inside. The guitar is a similar shape and size construction to the H164 Harmony model. The original Buck Owens guitar, as seen in "Hee Haw" TV show, was built by Semie Moseley of Mosrite guitars

This model of guitar can also be seen being used by Ryans Adams and also in the Nirvana Unplugged MTV Music Special.

I'll be posting information in future for this guitar. In the meantime, here are some of my thoughts about it:

I bought this guitar from a guy in New York via ebay. It came with a hard case with an 'Air Alaska' sticker on it (So presumably this guitar has travelled) and a strap that must be 30+ years old. The guitar looks distressed & weathered (in a good way!) The stars and stripes finished has aged, presumably the colours were vibrant originally ! The white is now cream, almost yellow, and the red almost crimson. I've seen one of these guitars look more like the red, gold and green of the Jamaican flag rather that the red, white, and blue. These guitars have a prescence though, a character. A friend of mine calls it the evel knievel guitar! When I first got the guitar I was certainly wowed by the look, but there were also alarm bells. Looking inside the soundhole there was a lot of stray glue around the neck joint. That kind of thing normally worrys me, I see it as a lack of attention to detail & a bit sloppy. The tuning pegs look a little cheap (Though as it turns out they work fine). However the fretboard looked just perfect. The dots are perfectly spaced, the frets fitted cleanly. It's just evident from the fretboard that it was made by someone who really knew what they were doing and had done it often.

This is the first Harmony guitar I have bought. Having read up on them it seems they produce guitars in quite some volume. Which perhaps explains the seemingly negative points as well as the positives. Having played the guitar i'll certainly be on the look out for Harmony guitars in future!

The guitar sounds lovely. The body size is 'Grand Concert' - so it's smaller than a dreadnought, which I like. I have no regrets about buying this guitar whatsoever!

I read that Buck Owens got $2.50 royalties for each guitar, and that his first royalty check was for $15,000. This implies that more than 6000 of these guitars were sold, and yet you rarely see them for sale! Either people don't want to sell them, or there are a whole bunch in garages and sheds across America!

From The Sears Catalogue:

Buck Owens Red, White and Blue American Guitar. Add color, great sound to the country and wesern scene with this Buck Owens Grand-Concert size Guitar. $82.95. 1) Bold stripes, bright stars, great response in this guitar that sounds as free-spirited as it looks. Select spruce top, finest wood for vibrant resonances. Bound rosewood fingerboard with 7 position markersguide you to sure chording; 5 side markers, steel stringes. Rosewood bridge; adjustable steel-rod reinforced neck prevents warping. Hardwood back and sides. Celluloid bound top and Botton edges. Celluloid headpiece with white edging. Individually covered machine heads. Red, White and blue flat-top guitar. Instruction Book, pick. Guitar measures 401/2 x 151/8 x 41/8. Guitar Case on facing page. ($9.50)

Sound & Vision: Buck Owens American

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